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Friday, June 4, 2010

Pretty Daisy

Hello everyone, to go along with our weekend challenge over at my Yahoo Group, I created this tutorial to make this 3D Daisy.

You will need the Stampin' Up! Jumbo Flower punch and Boho Blossoms.  I punched these out of shimmery white because the paper has more body but you could also use whisper white or vanilla cardstock.

1) Punch 6 jumbo flower and 2 boho blossom (2 each of 3 flowers)
2) Lay out on a paper towel and spritz flowers with gold Smooch.  If you don't have gold smooch, you can use water (or Fabreeze for nice smelling flower)

3) Spritz the boho blossoms with chocolate colored Smooch.

4) Wad up the pieces into little balls.  This will wrinkle the paper and make it more pliable and easy to work with.

5) Flatten pieces back out.  For the center of the flower, pierce a hole in the center of each of the boho blossoms and string them onto a chocolate courduroy brad, smallest to largest.  Set aside.

6) Pierce a hole into the center of one jumbo flower.  This will be the base piece.
7) Working with one flower at a time, grip the piece at the center and gather to form the petal.

8) Glue the petal onto the base flower.  Line up the petal onto one of the petals of the base flower.  Create 5 total petals and glue onto base flower.

9) Attach the flower center to the flower base.  You can add some additional dimension and detail by sponging the edges with more mustard ink.


Jean McKenzie said...

Kim, that flower is gorgeous - the whole card is gorgeous! Thank you so much for showing us how!!

grandmalee said...

Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial! I really need to try it! Thanks also for the Febreeze tip! Such beautiful creations!

Going with the Flow By Renee said...

Hi Kim - I love this flower! Amazing job and thanks for sharing! Renee

Anonymous said...

I love making flowers. Thank you for your ideas. I love them.



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