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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new design done

Ok, I hope you all like this new design over the valentine one. I know that the white text on pink was hard for some people to read.  It's not perfect but I think it turned out pretty good.

On another note, I haven't had a lot of entries in for my blog promo contest.  I thought more people would be interested in winning my next class along with a kit to make the projects.  All you have to do is add me to your links list on your blog (assuming you have a blog). I know some of you may have done that already before I announced the contest.  If so, you are still eligible.  All you need to do is email me a link to your blog site so I can check it out (  thanks!

back to the drawing board

It seems that some people have a hard time reading white text.  I'm going to revamp the look so that the base text is black.  I have another cute template I can use but it's not valentines themed.  Oh well.  Thanks to everyone that sent me feedback.

New website design - what do you think?

I haven't gotten a whole lot of feedback on my new blog layout.  I want to have a site that is easy to read and navigate for visitors.  Please provide your honest feedback.  I am working on a custom design that will reflect my own designs but for now, this is what I have.  But, if too many people have a hard time reading the text or navigating the site, I can always change it.  I have other templates available and can easily switch it out in an hour or so.  Thanks!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Help me promote my blog with a chance to win a prize

Hello everyone, with the new year, I want to start promoting my site and getting it out there for more people.  All of my followers and customers have done a great job with promoting my site so far. 

What I would like to do is get my site linked from as many blogs and websites as possible.  Those of you that help me do this will have a chance to win a prize.  Here are the rules:

1) Add my website to your blog in the Favorite Links/Websites section of your blog.  Please use my website homepage for the link.

2) Email me a link to your homepage so that I may verify the link (and take a peek at your blog to).  My email is needmorestamps at yahoo dot com (I spelled it out to avoid email harvester programs).

When my new Valentines class is finished, I will draw a name from the pool of entries.  The winner will receive a kit which includes all of the supplies (including the prepunched pieces) to make the projects featured in the class along with the printed class instructions.  If I receive more than 100 entries, I will draw 2 winners.  Please feel free to pass this on to all of your blogging friends that may not know about my site yet. 

Thank you everyone!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Site Design

Hi All, I'm going to be reworking the appearance of the site today.  If you visit and it looks wonky, don't worry, I'll have it looking good in no time.  Thanks

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Magical Marquee Card

I saw this video today and I had to share!  How do people think this up?  You have to check out this video.  Jan did a great job showing how to make this card.  Now I need to find some time to actually make one myself!

Jan Tink's Magical Marquee Card

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Thank you to everyone that has made my little blog such a success.  I started it at the end of September and I have been overwhelmed on it's success in such a short time.  Thank you to everyone that visits the site, shares your nice comments and purchases my classes, I appreciate it very much.

I look forward to sharing many more ideas and classes in the new year.  I wish you all a safe and happy holiday with your friends and family!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Annual Paper Punching for a Purpose

Thank you all for supporting my fund raising drive for the St Croix Animal Shelter.  I ended up raising a total of $248 from the sale of my Pet Class over the last week.  The animals thank you to!

Thank you

Thank you to everyone that supported my first annual Paper Punching for a Purpose by purchasing my pet class.  100% of the net sales on my Pet Class through yesterday will be donated to the St Croix Animal Shelter.  I'm going to go through my orders and tally the total dollars collected this weekend.  I'll tell you all how much I made for the animal shelter.  Again, thanks for supporting this worthy cause.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby Jesus, Mary & Joseph

These are what I came up with for Christmas.  I hope you like them!

You will need the following punches:

Mary with Baby Jesus
Ornament - 1 in blush blossom
Wide Oval - 2 in Bayou blue, 1 in not quite navy, 1 in soft sky (swaddling)
Large Oval - 1 in bayou blue
Full Heart - 1 in bayou blue
Round Tab - 3 in not quite navy
Butterfly in blush blossom (for feet), not quite navy for sleeves
Word Window in blush blossom
1/2" Circle in blush blossom (hands and nose)
3/4" Circle in blush blossom (baby head)
1/4" Circle in blush blossom (baby nose)

Ornament - blush blossom
Round Tab - not quite navy for tunic
Wide Oval - bayou blue - wrap
Modern Label - 4 in creamy caramel for arms and legs
Butterfly in blush blossom for feet
1/2" Circle- 3 in blush blossom for hands & nose
Scallop Circle - 2 in cocoa for hair
Boho Blossom - 3 small flowers in cocoa for beard

Instructions for Mary & Jesus
1) Glue bayou blue wide ovals behind ornament head.  Glue large oval on top of head.  Cut full heart in half and glue onto each side of face.  Trim 1/2" circle into an oval for nose.  Attach to face with dimensional.  Glue on teardrop eyes (Fiskars punch).  Add highlights with white unibal gel pen.  Add other face details with zig pen.

2) Glue round tab onto wide oval (not quite navy) for dress.  Cut round tab in half and glue onto bottom of dress.  Cut blush blossom butterfly in quarters.  round out bottom 2 pieces for feet and glue onto body.    Cut not quite navy butterfly in half for sleeves.  Cut 1/4 of the word window off for arm and glue onto back of one sleeve.  Attach 1/2" circle hand with dimensional onto word window.  Glue right sleeve onto body as shown.

3) Attach 3/4" circle for baby face onto wide oval with dimensional.  Trim 1/4" circle into an oval and attach to face with a glue dot.  Draw face on with black zig pen.  Glue swaddled baby onto front of Mary's body.
Attach other arm positioned over baby with dimensional.  Attach other hand with dimensional behind baby's head.  Attach Mary's head to her body.

Joseph Assembly

1)  Cut one scallop circle in half.  Cut one half into a 1/3 for bangs.  Glue full scallop circle and half scallop circle onto back of ornament for hair.  Glue on bangs.  Trim 1/2" circle into oval for nose.  Attach to face with dimensional.  Glue on teardrop eyes.  Add highlights with white unibal gel pen and other details with zig pen.  Glue 3 small boho blossoms onto face for beard.  Be sure to leave "neck" piece of ornament unglued so it can be attached to back of body.

2)  Cut wide oval in half and glue onto round tab as shown.  Cut away excess at shoulder.  Wrap ribbon around waist and glue in place.  Glue modern label legs and arms on as shown.  Cut butterfly in quarters and round out 2 bottom pieces for feet.  Glue feet onto legs.  Glue 1/2" circles onto end of each arm.  Glue head onto body.


Hello all, I'm going to try and get my nativity figures done tonight.  I have Mary & Baby Jesus done.  I just need to get Joseph done.  Hopefully I'll get them posted tonight.  I probably won't put them on a card since they are fairly large piecings.  I'm sure you all will be able to come up with good uses for them.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Annual Paper Punching for a Purpose

My pet class is officially completed.  From now until December 18th, 100% of the net proceeds (after paypal fees) from the sale of this class will be donated to the St Croix Animal Shelter.  I love animals and I have always donated to the annual holiday drive.  This year, I wanted to be able to donate even more.  Please purchase my class for a worthy cause!

The 2 kitty cats in the class were inspired by my own kitties, Sissy, an orange striped tabby and Smokey, a charcoal gray shorthair.  The other 3 piecings feature lovable pooches - a shaggy dog, silly puppy and a sweet poodle.  I hope you all enjoy my newest class.  Thank you

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Try not to gorge too much and take a long nap after eating  all of that turkey!   Oh, and you may see me among all of those crazy shoppers tomorrow!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Piggie

As the holidays fast approach, I start thinking about the neverending smorgasboard of food (and my waistline gets bigger).  Of course, the holidays means Christmas ham and I started thinking about a cute little piggie telling us to eat chicken instead.

Stampin' Up punches needed:
Ornament - head
1 3/4" Circle - body
3/4" Circle - snout & feet
Small Oval - arms & legs
5 Petal Flower - ears
1/4" Circle - snout
Modern Label - sign
Fiskars teardrop punch for eyes

For the pig, I used a Bazzill cardstock for the pig, but you could use textured Blush Blossom for the pig body and sponge the pieces with Blush Blossom or Cameo Coral ink.

1) Clip top off the ornament, round out pointed top.  Cut 2 petals off 5 petal flower for ears.  Clip a little off 3/4"  black circle and cut a little V wedge into the flat side for each foot.

2) Sponge all blush pieces.  Use mini glue dots to attach 1/4" circles onto snout. Attach snout to ornament head with dimensional.  Glue on eyes and add detailing with uni-ball white gel pen and zig detail pen.  I added a little shading around the eyes with a blush blossom marker. Glue on petals and fold down the tips for floppy ears.

3) Glue arms onto body.  Attach legs to body with dimensionals.  Glue feet on.  Attach "hands" with dimensionals.  Don't forget to draw on a "bellybutton". Glue head onto body (a little tilted).  Cut a small strip of cardstock 1/4" wide for the sign post.  Glue sign onto the post.

I used the new DCWV Holiday Collection premium stack
for my card.  Base cardstock is 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 (cranberry crisp) folded in half.  Stripe print is 4 x 2 1/4".  Cranberry print is 4 x 3.  Glitter red strip is 4 x 1/2".

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Turkey

The holidays are fast approaching and I've been wondering where autumn went?  I thought it would be fun to share my thanksgiving turkey.  Enjoy!

Punches Needed:
Ornament punched in Cocoa for head
1 3/4" Circle punched in Cocoa for body
Modern Label punched in Cocoa for neck
Full Heart punched in Cocoa for thighs
Butterfly punched in Chocolate for wings
Heart to Heart - large heart in Riding Hood Red for snood & top of head, wide heart in Pumpkin for beak
Word Window in Pumpkin for legs
Boho Blossoms flower for feet
Large Oval in Riding Hood Red for tail feathers
Teardrop in black for eyes (Fiskars or MS)

1) Cut Full Heart in half and cut the bottom points off of each half.  Round out the sharp corners for the chicken thighs.  Cut 3 petals off of the 6 petal flower in Boho Blossoms for feet.  Fold wide heart from Heart to Heart to make the beak (fold rounded top parts down).  Cut large heart from Heart to Heart in half for snood and top of head.  Cut butterfly in half for wings.

2) Sponge feathers with riding hood red.  Sponge body, head and wing pieces with chocolate chip.  Sponge beak, legs and feet pieces with pumpkin pie.

3) Glue neck onto body.  Attach head with dimensional.  Glue snood onto back of beak.  Attach to face with dimensional.  Glue on eyes and add highlights with uni-ball white gel pen. 

4) Glue legs onto thighs.  Glue on feet.  Attach thighs to body with dimensionals.  Attach so that the feet are crossed at the ankle.  You could position the legs in the splits so that you can make the card smaller in heighth.  Attach wings with dimensionals.

5) Arrange ovals in an arc for the tail.  Run a line of glue around the inside of the arc and place body over the top to glue in place.

Card Cutting dimensions

6" x 6" Chocolate Chip for card body folded in half
Leaf print 5 7/8" x 4"
Polka dot print 5 7/8" x 2"
5/8" Wide chocolate chip grosgrain ribbon

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back to work

Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know that my daughter is much better now (but now my hubby is sick).  I just finished a really tough week at work (14 hour days) and expect to get back to normal hours next week.  I worked on a cute little turkey card for thanksgiving today and will be posting it tommorrow, so please check back.  Thanks!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bumps in the road

Hello all, the past week has been pretty cruddy for me.  My 3 year old daughter came down with H1N1 so I've been pretty occupied with that.  It's year-end at work for me, so I'll be working late hours at work this whole week and possibly next week.  I will hopefully have a sample up on the web this week as I started a page this weekend and didn't quite finish it.  Please stay with me and I'll resume posting on a regular basis in  a couple weeks.  Thanks!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mousy needs a tail!

I realize now that I completely forgot to add a tail to my little mouse on the treat tube box!  For instructions on making his tail, scroll down the page and check out the mousy mouse card I made earlier.  This little guy actually has a tail!  LOL

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nickel Tubes

Some people asked about what you can store in these tubes.  Yes, regular size m&m's will fit in the nickel tubes.  I would prefer to use the mini m&m's so you can get more in it.  I actually wanted to put christmas m&m's in the tubes but the stores don't have them out yet.  I should be able to pick them up after Halloween.  I put cocoa mix in mine.  You can get the swiss miss marshmallow lovers packets where the marshmallows are in their own separate package.  The 3rd tube has chopped andies candies in them.  If you didn't want to put food in the tubes, you could put bath salts or beads.  For valentines day, you could put red hots or the sweethearts in these.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Treat Tube gift box

This box was made to hold 3 tubes. The tubes I used are called Nickel tubes.  They are used by coin collectors to store coins.  They are flat on the bottom and have a screw on plastic cap.  If you wanted to substitute your own tubes, you could use any tube that is around 1" wide.  If you use a smaller tube, use a smaller punch for the holes in the box top so the tubes fit snugly.  I put hot chocolate mix in one, chopped andies candies in one and mini marshmallows in another.

Box Assembly Instructions:

1) Cut red cardstock 6 1/2" x 4"Score in 1" in all sides.  Clip the 2 score lines on each end, fold up all 4 sides and glue in place to create an open top box.

2) For the top, cut 3 1/16" x 5 9/16". Score at 1/2" on all sides.  Fold the flap up on one long side and then use the 1" circle punch to punch 3 holes in the top as shown in the pictures (line up the bottom of the punch with the edge of the folded up piece). Sharpen all score lines.  Clip the 2 score lines on each end, add some adhesive to the tabs and secure to the sides (finished piece will look like a box top with holes in it).

If you want to stabilize the tubes from tipping, you can add an insert to the inside bottom of the box.  Cut 2 15/16" x 5 7/16" and score at 1/2" on all sides.  Follow same punching and assembly instructions as the box top piece.

3) Cut 1 1/2 strips of designer papers 12" x 7/8".  Glue the strips together to make one long strip.  Glue the strip all around the sides of the box.

Punches Needed for the Mouse:

2 Ornaments in basic gray - HEAD & BODY
2 Circles 1" in basic gray - EARS
3 Circles 3/4" in basic gray - PAWS & MUZZLE
2 Circles 3/4" in going gray - INSIDE EARS 
1 1/4" Circle in going gray - BELLY
1/4" Circle in pink pirouette - NOSE
Butterfly in gong gray - LEGS/FEET
Heart to Heart small heart in real red
Curly Label in real red - HAT
Boho Blossom smallest flower in white - HAT
Large Oval & Scallop Oval - HAT
Modern Label in real red - SIGN
teardrop punch - eyes

1) For the hat, punch half of the large oval into white.  Line up the scallop oval over the top and punch out the hat brim as shown below.

2) Cut the butterfly piece in half for the legs.  Fold each half in half and tack feet in place with dimensional.
Sponge all of the gray pieces with craft white ink.  

3) Cut one corner of the curly label off for the hat.  Attach the brim and the boho blossom to the top of the hat  
with dimensionals.

4) Glue ear pieces together and glue onto head.  Glue hat onto head.  Attach muzzle to face with a dimensional.  Glue on teardrop eyes and nose.  Add highlights to eyes and nose with a unibal white gel pen.  Draw on eyelashes and brows with zig pen.  Glue head and body pieces together.  Attach belly piece with dimensional. Attach the heart on the chest with a dimensional. Glue legs onto body.  Stamp greeting and punch out with modern label.  Glue sign to body and attach paws to sign with dimensionals.  

EDIT: I realized after I made my project that I was missing the tail.  To make a tail, punch the large oval in basic gray.  Line up the wide oval over the punched hole and punch again.  Cut a third of the ring off to create the tail.

Want a printable version of this tutorial? click on the link below:

Great deal for paper piecing

My favorite paper piecing patterns are over at Precious Piecings.  Right now, all of her patterns are only a one dollar each.  What a deal!!!!  You get the jpeg picture file of the pattern as well as an svg vector cutting file for using with your Cricut machine and SCAL software.  She has well over 500 patterns for sale, so there is something for everyone!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Great Outdoors Scrapbook Page

I started teaching a scrapbooking series at the public library last month.  This month's theme is "the great outdoors".  I was able to combine my 2 favorite things - punch art and scrapping!

Cosmo Cricket "Mr Campy" papers
always artichoke, chocolate chip, close to cocoa, creamy caramel, ruby red, basi black cardstocks
1 3/4" circle punch
ornament punch
small oval punch
modern label punch
3/4" circle punch
butterfly punch
heart to heart punch
scallop circle punch
corner rounding punch
teardrop punch (MS or Fiscars)
Top Note sizzix die
dimensionals, black zig pen, white gel uni-ball pen

I hope to post more scrapbook pages in the future along with all of my cards and non card gift items.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Teardrop Punch

Apparently, the Martha Stewart teardrop punch is not readily available in some areas.  Fiscars makes a teardrop punch that is basically the same thing.  I think the size is the same too.  Hope this helps.

Reindeer Ornament Gift Box

By now, you probably have seen the nifty box you can make by using the sizzix scallop envelope die.  I found a great step by step tutorial on assembling the box HERE .  I used chocolate chip cardstock for my envelopes and cut 4 pieces of designer papers 2" x 4" in size.  Attach these pieces on the sides of the envelopes before folding down the flaps and securing with sticky strip (as shown in the web tutorial).

These awesome ornaments are from Ikea.  They are non breakable and come in several colors.  I applied a snowflake Decor Element and tied on some white satin ribbon to dress it up.  For the reindeer, you will actually need a sizzix die for the antlers.  I liked this look better than a traditional punched piece.

You will need the following Stampin' Up! punches and sizzix die:

Sizzix Bigz Tulipe die for antlers - cut in creamy caramel
Wide Oval for head - close to cocoa
Ornament for body - close to cocoa
3/4" Circle for hooves - basic black
5 Petal Flower for ears and nose - cocoa & black
teardrop punch by martha stewart (or fiscars) for eyes in black
Modern Label for sign - ruby red

Cut off 2 petals on the 5 petal flower for the ears.  Cut part of one petal for the nose in black.  Sponge all pieces in chocolate chip. Glue ears onto back of head.  Glue on antlers, nose and eyes.  Add highlights to eyes with uni-bal white gel pen. Draw on face details with black zig pen.  Glue head onto ornament (slightly tilted).  Glue onto front of box (from inside).  Stamp and punch "sign".  Attach to front of box with dimensionals. Cut the bottoms off of the black circles for the hooves.  Attach to the front of box with dimensionals.
This little guy is rather easy to make.  Fill the box with candies and other treats if you like.
Want a printable tutorial? Click on this link to download:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mousy Mouse

What do you think of this little guy? I wanted to put a candy cane in his paw but ended up keeping it simple.
You will need the following Stampin' Up! punches:
Ornament (head & body)
1" circle (ears)
3/4" circle (ears, paws & muzzle)
large oval & wide oval (tail)
1/4" circle (nose)
Additionally, you will need a teardrop punch for the eyes.  Some people have been having problems finding the martha stewart punch.  Fiscars makes a good substitute teardrop punch if you can't find the MS one.

I used basic gray, going gray, pirouette, basic black cardstocks for the mouse.
The paper I used is a double sided Fancy Pants paper.
Base color of card is not quite navy and there are layers of baja breeze and ruby red.  Riding hood red striped grosgrain

For the tail, you need to punch the large oval first and then line up the wide oval over the top and punch a ring for the tail.

Sponge all of the pieces with white craft ink (except the eyes).  Use pop dots to attach the muzzle and paws

Add highlights to eyes and nose with uni-bal signo white gel pen and detailing with black zig pen.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Batty Time

This little bat is pretty easy to make.  You will need the following punches:

3/4" Circle
1/2" Circle
5 Petal Flower
Star (small one)
Teardrop (Martha Stewart)

Create the wings by punching 3 half circles (3/4") in a row. Then punch out those with ornament punch.  Body is ornament punch. Cut off top and round out tip.

Punch out 2 petals of 5 point petal punch for ears.  Punch 1/2" circle for face.  Glue tip of 1 pink petal from 5 point petal and cut away excess. 

Punch star out of white.  Glue 2 points of star to bottom of muzzle for teeth.  Attach muzzle to face with dimensional.  Glue on wings.

Glue on teardrop eyes and add highlights with white gel pen. 

Layers for card:

8 1/2" x 5 1/2" black for base
3 1/2 x 5 3/8" spider print (K & Company)
1 1/2 x 5 3/8" stripe print (K & Company)
orange grosgrain ribbon

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spider treat box

I just love these halloween papers!  Here is a version of the treat box with a spider instead.  You need the following punches:
1 3/8" circle - orchid opulence
1/2" circle - white
1/4" circle (use the crafters tool kit or crop-a-dile) - black
Wide Heart - black

I used the window box sizzix die for the treat box.

For the legs, punch the top of the heart and then line it up again over the punch and punch the legs (as shown in picture).   Punch 4 of these for the legs.  Cut each piece in half and glue onto sides of spider. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Witchy Treats

Along with my love for punches, I love my sizzix as well.  The XL dies are just awesome!  This little witchy treat was created with the window box sizzix die.  It's filled with the halloween m&m candies.  To make the witch, you need the following punches:
Scallop Circle (hair)
Ornament (head)
Full Heart (hat)
Word Window (hat brim)
1/2" circle (hands & nose)

1) Cut out window box sizzix die in choice of double sided paper or cardstock.

2) Punch out ornament and 1/2" circles in kiwi kiss (or old olive).  Trim one of the circles into an oval shape for the nose.  Sponge the edges of the pieces in kiwi or olive.  Attach nose with a dimensional or glue dot.  Glue on teardrop eyes (martha stewart).  Draw details on face with zig and add white highlights with uni-bal gel pen.

3) Punch 3 scallop circles in basic gray.  Cut 2 circles in half.  Glue 2 cut pieces on the back of head on each side.  Glue other 2 cut pieces on front of head.

4) Punch heart out of black.  Fold the sides of the heart towards the center to create the hat.  Glue sides in place.  Punch brim with word window punch either black or print paper.  Attach brim with dimensionals.  Glue hat onto head.

5) Glue head onto to box (from back of the front box flap so that the "neck" doesn't show.  Glue 3rd scallop onto back of witch head.

6) Attach the other 2 circles for hands with dimensionals.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

subscribe to my blog

I had some people ask about this. I just set up a link on my blog to subscribe and receive email updates. To receive the lastest info on classes coming out or free projects on my blog, sign up here. thanks!

Pop Up Santa

This little santa turned out pretty good. The card base is 11 x 5 1/2. When you do a pop up card, be sure to take into account the extra card height you need when the card is closed (for cards that have large pieces inside like this one).

Punches needed:
1 3/4" circle (body) - real red
1 3/8" circle (head) - blush blossom
1/2" circle (nose & hand) - blush blossom
1/4" circle punch (or crop-a-dile) (ears, cheeks, ornaments) - blush blossom, pirouette pink, more mustard, real red
Modern Label (arm & legs)
Curley Label (hat) - real red
Scallop Oval (hat) - white
Large Oval (hat) - white
Boho Blossoms (hat, mustache, sleeve cuff) - white
Heart to Heart (boots) - basic blacck
Scallop Circle (hair, beard, tree) - white, garden green
Small Star (tree) - more mustard
Word Window (tree) - chocolate chip
teardrop punch (martha stewart)  - basic black


1) Make the hat by punching large oval out of white.  Flip scallop oval over and line up over the top of this punch to make piece for hat.  Cut curly label in half, corner to corner. Glue on white scallop oval piece.  Glue on small flower from boho blossoms

2) Punch out 1 3/8" circle in blush blossom, 2 half inch circles in blush blossom, 2 quarter inch circles in blush.  Trim one of the 1/2" circles to make an oval for nose.  Sponge the edges of all pieces with pink pirouette.

3) punch out 2 scallop circles in white.  Cut one in half for beard.  Use 1/2" circle punch to punch out a small amount for mouth (see picture).  Cut 2 petals off of the 6 point flower for mustache.

4) Glue 1 3/8" circle centered onto scallop circle.  Use pop up dot to attach nose, glue on eyes, ears, mustache and beard.  Add a couple 1/4" circles (pink pirouette) for the cheeks.  Use the uni-ball white gell pen for highlighting the eyes, nose and cheeks.

5) Glue 1/2" blush circle on end of modern label for hand.  Cut small boho blossom in half and layer onto cuff. 

6) Glue hat on head, beard on face and head on body.  Punch 2 more modern labels in red for legs and 2 wide hearts in black for feet.

7) Punch 6 to 8 scallop circles in garden green.  Quarter each circle.  Layer the pieces to make the tree.  Punch 1/4" circles in mustard and red for ornaments, star in mustard.  Punch trunk with word window in chocolate chip.  Cut bottom off to make a flat bottom. 

8) position santa behind tree.  Glue on legs and arm.  Fold arm over and tack in place.

9) For card base, fold paper in half and at center of fold, clip up about 1" (tab is about 1/2" wide)

10) Fold clipped piece up and sharpen crease.  Open card and pop tab inward.  Attach santa to tab.

These instructions are a less detailed than what I normally give in my paid-for classes.  I just threw this one together tonight.  Enjoy!

If you recreate my santa and post on your blog, please post a link to my site for the instructions.  Please do not recreate or post step by step instructions on your website, blog or video (youtube).  Thank you.


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