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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Awesome phone case

It's not often that I write about non crafting things, but I just had to share this with all of you.  I was recently looking for a storage case for my smart phone.  I wanted something stylish, quality made and protected my phone well.  I found the website  This site is great for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S phone or Kindle storage needs.

I got the black leather pouch case for my Galaxy S3 phone.  The quality of the leather is fantastic and the case is very well made.  My phone did indeed fit very snugly in the case. The inside is very soft so the case and screen of your phone doesn't get scratched.  To get the phone out of the case, you pull the S tab on the back of the pouch.  The elastic tab pulls the phone up out of the case like those ribbon pouch cards that you've probably seen on the net.  Check out the details HERE. Right now there is a really good sale going on over at the website so if you are looking for a nice case, head on over to the website.  Here is a pic of my phone in the case, after I pulled the tab to get it out of the case.  When it's fully in the case, the entire phone is covered.

Check it out.



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