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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Long time no post

Hello all, it has been a few months since I have posted.  Seems my life has been in a constant upheaval.  My company decided to contract out our entire accounting department so I have been spending all my time applying and interviewing for jobs.  I kind of lost my desire and mojo to create.  Thank you to my readers that have stuck around and for those of you that sent me a personal note to check up on me.  I appreciate all of you!

I recently created some stuff for a craft show and it lit a creative fire under me!  I'm excited to share some ideas with you.  I created a little nugget box and am working on the step by step instructions for you.  Watch for it this week.  It can be adapted to any design you want.  All you need is a paper cutter and score board and you are set!

To jump start the day, I wanted to share some cool ideas I discovered while surfing the net recently.  I see so many of you are still diligently creating.  I recently purchased new punches from Stampin' Up!  They retired some of my favorites and I'm pretty bummed, but this just forces me to create some new ideas with the new punches!

Please note, if you are using Google Chrome, the foreign language pages should automatically translate.  Just give the page a minute to load.

Scallop Oval Purse (step by step instructions shown)

Curvy Box Caterpillar

Cool Card Fold

Curvy Box Mushroom House

Tealight Cake in a Box

Punch Art Washer & Dryer

Curvy Keepsakes Cup

Paper Flowers Tutorial

Punch Board Bows

Graduation Gift Box


Sue from Oregon said...

Welcome back!

Sigrids kreative ART said...

Thank you for sharing my mushroom house.

ColourmehappyDi said...

Lovely to see you back, Kim & thanks for the shout out. Sorry to hear times have been difficult for you. I hope they're getting better for you.
Inky wishes, Di

dragonfly60 said...

So nice to hear from you!! I am sorry you are going through tough times ... chin up and I will be here when you are ready to create. Please know that there is a whole crafting community wishing you well.

Mary Havlovic said...

I am glad to see you are back! I love your projects and look forward to you new creations. Thank you for sharing. Good luck and hope you find the job of your choice soon

Mary R. said...

Was wondering what had happened to you. Thanks for updating us and good luck on the job front. Glad you found your Mo-jo.

jerkim2 said...

So glad you are back. You have such incredible talent. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Take care of you!

Janis LU said...

Wishing you the best - when one door closes, another opens!

Looking forward to seeing your new creation.

Peg Klitch said...

I've really missed your blog and glad you are back!

I love that you find cool ideas and share them with us. Thank you so much. Know that even when you are away dealing with "stuff" we await your return anticipating some good stuff!

Bandon, Oregon said...

KIM!!!! Good to See You!!! Hang in there... You are LOVED!!!


Linda said...

So glad to see you back. I hope every thing is well.

Could you please tell me where to click to get a translation of this:
Punch Board Bows

Thank you so much for the help.

Carolee said...

It is great to see you in my mail box! Missed you.
Best wishes in your job hunt. May you find just the right job for you so you can enjoy the time you spend doing it.

Peggy M. said...

Ohhhh, I was so happy to see your post today. I have missed you. Sorry for your difficulties. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Good luck on your job hunting and I will keep you in my prayers. We've missed you!

Penny Silva in Vegas said...

So glad to have you back. Missed you

Reindeermoon said...

Understandable. Hope everything else is going well and that a new job comes your way.
I lose my mojo in the summer when it's hot.


Janine A

Ms said...

So good to have you back... you've really been missed....

And these ideas were darling.... I found several things that I really want to try.... Thank you for doing all the hard work of finding these wonderful ideas.... and Welcome Back

Kathy Reeves said...

It was lovely to open my emails and see one from you xxx

Becky Jo said...

Welcome back, Kim! I've missed you and your posts! You are so creative and I'm glad you have the creative bug again! Hugs!

Tanja Kolar said...

I am very happy that you start posting again, and we all can join the wonderful different ideas.
Hugs Tanja (from Germany)


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