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Sunday, March 7, 2010

comment moderation suggestions?

In an effort to make it easy for people to leave a comment at my site, I've been opened up to spammers as well. It's frustrating as I have accidentally erased nice comments from my readers as I was deleting all of this pornographic spam!  Those of you that have blogs, what do you find is the easiest for visitors?  Should I add the requirement of entering the word verification before leaving a comment?  Or do you all require commenters to have a google/yahoo account?  thanks for any suggestions (of course, your comment will have to be approved to show up here, but I promise to read them all).


Sue from Oregon said...

I haven't gone that far yet...I would prefer moderation to word verification though. I just delete junk but really only get a little here and there.

Carol said...

I'm new to blogging, but I have mine set up for Comment Moderation. Being new, I am not aware of the various options that you mentioned. Since my blog is new and doesn't get much traffic, comment moderation is not exactly a chore -- LOL!!! If adding the word verification is an option that allows more people to be able to leave comments without the spamming, I would go for that one. I just might look into that myself.

Monica Gale said...

I think I prefer enabling all my comments and this way I can delete the spam ones before enabling the others. I find the word verification faffy and often it puts me off leaving a comment. BTW I love your work hugs xxxx

Lorie said...

I really don't like word verification. If you are getting spam on your older posts just require verification or moderation on your posts 2 weeks or older. There is an automatic setting for that in your Blogger Dashboard. :o)

Stamp with Sandy said...

I use a word verification on my posts. I have received comments in Chinese or whatever language uses symbols, but other than that, all is appropriate. I hope you find a solution to this problem. It seems there is no real good solution.

Leonie said...

I am just about to turn mine back on, sick of spam! I know it takes just a little bit longer to do word verification, but the spam drives me crazy

inkedx2 said...

I use comment moderation. It has worked for me and that way I don't post anything that I don't want to.


Sarah said...

I've been using the word verification and haven't received any spam, I've had my blog for about 8 months now with no problems. Hope you find something that works for you!

Candy said...

I have mind set to enable all comments. They are all sent to me to read and if they are not spam I hit the button and they are added to my blog. If they are spam I click on NO. It means getting a bit more email but only takes a minute or so to go through them all - it is a very quick procedure.
Lots of people can't read the word verification and just give up.
Hugs, Candy


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