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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Please bear with me....

Hi All, I've been working on a new linking strategy for my daily inspiration posts. Instead of posting the URL, I've been posting a description with a clickable link. I also added coding on those links so that when you click on a link, it will open a new tab or window.

I've gotten some random feedback that the links may not be working in RSS Readers or if you are on my email subscription list.

I may have to abondon the coding for opening a new tab or window because of this. I will continue to show the description with a link though. Please be patient with me. I'm trying to get this whole thing worked out! Please don't unsubscribe from my RSS Feed or email subscriptions. I promise I'll get this fixed soon! Thanks everyone.

I have some great projects coming up this month and I don't want anyone to miss them!


Lisa Wicklund said...

I love the new way you are doing it!!


Ruby said...

too bad you may have to abandon your new way of providing the links as I enjoy getting a new window so I don't have to keep using my back button. But as I appreciate you providing this service (I look forward to it each day) I will continue to look for however you provide them! Tks again!

Lauren Y. said...

Oh, I hope you will be able to figure it out!
I REALLY like a new window open up, so I don't have to go back all the time to see the next great creation.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new way you're doing it!! It's so much easier having a new window pop up instead of having to keep backtracking to you blog to find the next fun project in your list!!

PeeJay said...

The links didn't work from Reader for me anyway. I've always had to actually visit blog to use them so I wouldn't change what you're doing. Do what's right for you. The rest of us can work around you - lol!

slbt17 said...

love your new way - sorry it is not working out for some - and something I have not done in awhile ... THANKS! You are doing a fabulous job and I appreciate all of your hard work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Sandra ltb

Amanda said...

I too prefer the new window to the previous back button - so thanks for not abandoning the idea straightaway & still working on it!!

I am an email subscriber that goes to your blog page & then I press the links in you post - and i have only had a problem with one link this week ( franticstamper - a snowman one)

Kim - As always - THANK YOU SO MUCH for these wonderful posts you do - I really love my daily fix!!!

Unknown said...

Love the new link strategy. Works perfectly and opens a new window for each inspiration. Thanks so much.

bakerbabe said...

I like the new way too. Sometimes I will forget to use my back button and close the window. Then I have to start all over again. Thanks for sharing with us.

Ms said...

I love the new way they open up separately... I can't tell you how many times I'd forget to go back and I'd just shut the window and have to start all over again. So this new way is truly a benefit for those of us with no Thanx

StampingDani said...

I love this new way to link to the pages.

BTW, if you want them to open in a new window you just have to press the Shift key while you click on the link (Ctrl key for a new page)

Dani / Italy

Michelle-a-bella said...

Oh thank you, I really appreciate you doing a hint of what the punch inspiration was instead of just the url addy, thanks for all the work you do! Have a great day!

Becky Jo said...

I love this new way! I always click your link in my email and it takes me to your blog. From there I click each link. Love that they now open in a new window! I always save your email til last so I can enjoy everything without interruption! Thanks! Hugs!!


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