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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recommended Peachy Keen stamps

Do you find yourself confused about what size and kinds of stamps you should buy when you get to the site?  Here are my suggestions for what to consider when picking the sets you want:

1)  What size head will your punch art or piecing have?  If you are using the 1-3/8" or larger circle or the Ornament punch, then the 1 1/8" or medium size (3" - 4" size figures) sets work perfectly.  Most of my free PKS tutorials here on the site use this size stamps. Following is my suggested list of 1-1/8" and medium sets:

PK-441 Cute & Cuddly 1-1/8"
PK-491 Everyday Character Faces 1-1/8"
PK-451 Wide Eyed Kids 1-1/8"
PK-758 Wide Eyed & Bushy Tailed 1-1/8"
PK-139 Tear Bear Face Parts
PK-754 Critter Faces Set A
PK-501 Snow Cuties 1-1/8"
PK-461 Happy Lashes 1-1/8"
PK-134 Bird Faces and More
PK-138 Kitty Tear Face Parts
PK-643 Boy Mates 1-1/8"
PK-641 Princess Faces 1-1/8"
PK-493 Everyday Character Face Parts 3" to 4"
PK-681 Retro Paper Doll Faces 1-1/8"
PK-673 Rag Doll Face 3" to 4"

You may not be able to afford all of them at once, but if you had all of these sets, you would have a very nice and thorough variety of sets that would work with boys, girls, men, women and all sorts of animals plus holiday figures like snowmen, gingerbread, easter bunny, etc.

2) If you want to work with smaller figures that require a head that is 1-1/4" wide or smaller, then you should go with the Assortment sets which have a large variety of stamp sizes in them.  Obviously, these sets are more expensive but you get a lot more stamps in the set.  If you are considering an Assortment set, my most recommended set is the PK-490 Everyday Character Faces Assortment.  I use this set the most and have used the assortment for all of my smaller figures.

3) On the market for some holiday face stamps?  Here are my top picks:
PK-693 Monster Mash Faces 1-1/8"
PK-691 Make a Monster Faces 1-1/8"
PK-550 Pumpkin Faces
PK-501 Snow Cuties 1-1/8"
PK-461 Happy Lashes 1-1/8"
PK-471 Happy New Year 1-1/8"
PK-521 Winter Faces 1-1/8"



Anna said...

Thank you for the heads up. First I've seen of this sale. Off to shop :D


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