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Friday, July 9, 2010

copyrights - please read

Hello everyone, I made the unfortunate discovery today that someone was selling a kit for one of my pet designs today on ebay.  In case my copyright policy isn't clear for everyone, I wanted to clarify.

At the top of the first page of each of my designs, I have the following text:

Thank you for purchasing my instructions.  You may use these ideas to teach students in a direct classroom setting.  These written instructions are intended to be a guide for you to demonstrate the projects.  They are not intended to be free hand-outs to your students (customers).  If your students (customers) would like to have instructions of their own, please direct them to my blog to purchase the class.  If you are teaching a class and would like to have handouts for each student, please contact me for a class rate and fee.  This class is not intended for resale by anyone.  You may not use them to teach in an online or email setting.  You may not use these ideas to recreate, in whole or in part, a written or video tutorial to be shared online, via email or directly with anyone.  Please do not show any of these instructions on your blog or website.  If you create a card using my punched creations and post a picture on your blog or website, please link to my site for order instructions.  Please do not share instructions or punch recipes (in whole or in part) on your website.  Sharing in this manner devalues my class.  Please respect all of the time and effort I put into designing these projects.  Thank you 

I am choosing to give the benefit of the doubt to the person who violated this policy.  Perhaps they took a class and learned how to make this design and then decided to create a written instruction sheet to make it?  I did ask them to remove their ebay listing.

I put a lot of work into my classes and when I learn that someone is profiting from my work, I'm very disappointed.  If this individual was selling a finished card with my punch art design on it, I would not have a problem with this.  But, this person was selling written instructions on how to make the punch art piecing with the pieces punched out of paper as a kit.

I'm hoping that all of my loyal readers do not feel that I am wrong in feeling very disappointed in this situation.

Thanks all for reading.


Carol said...

Oh, Kim, that is so unfortunate!!! I hope that the person will be cooperative and remove the auction posting. It's such a shame to have your hard work taken out from under you. Not only that, such actions also jeopardize the availability of your wonderful tutorials to copyright-abiding customers.

Celeste said...

I agree with Carol! If this happened to me, I would have to think twice about making my ideas available. I hope it was an honest mistake on their part and that they cooperate with you and remove it. I appreciate all the work you do.

bakerbabe said...

Kim unbelievable! It would never even cross my mind to do something like that. Crooks!

bakerbabe said...

I would like to also add, thank you for all you do. I love punch art! And you make it possible for all of us to do great things. Thank you for sharing.

MariLynn said...

Kim, that is so sad. I hope that the person who did this regrets doing it and will nod do it again.

valita said...

i know exactly how you feel and it is a big problem. sad to say. i know how much time goes into creating. one important thing i have learned is to never let it discourage you from doing what you love. and you are very talented! Valita


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