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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

when do you find the time?

I get this question a lot.  Given the fact that I work a full time job and have a family and household to maintain, when do I get the time to create?  The answer is I DON'T SLEEP.  Seriously.  It's a good day if I get 7 hours of sleep, but usually it's more like 5 1/2 - 6 hours.  So, if I ever seem testy, you can blame it on a lack of sleep. LOL

It's been a pretty pleasant summer in Wisconsin and I've found it rather hard to stay indoors and work on my creations in the evening or weekends.  Sorry I haven't put a new tutorial up for sale in quite a long while.  I haven't given up on it (although I was discouraged a few times by copyright violators). 

I started working on a new tutorial called "In the Garden".  It will feature cute garden/pond critters.  I have 2 out of 5 finished so far.  It's just taking longer than I anticipated.  Once that is finished, I can start on my first Halloween collection.

I hope everyone has at least enjoyed all of my other creations that I have been posting.  I have many scrapbook pages that have never been shared, so you can expect to see more of those in the future as well.

If you are itching for a new punch art tutorial, I recently created an exclusive design for a fundraiser that will go live this weekend.  More details will be posted then.  Thanks everyone for stopping by to read my blog and buy my classes!


Cherie said...

Kim, Thanks seems like such a little word to show appreciation for all you do for us! I for one really enjoy seeing all the new punch ideas that you show us! Big THANKS!


Nikki said...

Hye Kim! First of all, I love your site! I am looking foraward to your next class posts, as well as the one for charity! I am also a SU! demonstrator, and I point everyone to your site for punch ideas!

I saw your post on SCAL, and really think it looks cool! I am thinking about purchasing it, but want to know positive and negatives about it from people who use it. How difficult is it to use? Have you had any problems with your cricut since using it? How long have you had it? I was reading online, and found this comment from a Cricut site: It has come to our attention through customer support that some people are having problems with their Cricut machine after using a third party software solution. We do not have any control over any of the third party software products that may be available for use with the Cricut and cannot support them. We do not support any non-Cricut endorsed software or device. If you do encounter any problems with your machine after using one of these products, you can try and correct the problem by updating your machine with the latest firmware and by updating to the latest version of Cricut Design Studio, found here,

However, please be aware: Cutting or communicating to any Cricut machine with any 3rd party or non-Cricut endorsed software or device will void the warranty and can put at risk the stability and usability of the machine itself. Provo Craft/Cricut does not offer any level of support for machines or cartridges that have been accessed in this way because we cannot validate the compatibility of these programs with the Cricut system. Only proprietary, endorsed software, cartridges, devices and utilities available directly from, an authorized dealer, or Provo Craft itself are supported under warranty, and use of other than endorsed products will void the Cricut warranty. If you are not sure if a product is endorsed by Provo Craft/Cricut please contact support before using one of these products.

It made me concerned to get it, as I have the Gypsy and don't want to lose all my data/ability to use all my cartridges. Please email me with your thoughts if you don't mind! My address is:

Thank you!

Scrapin Mel said...

Don't be discouraged, there are so many of us out here that just love your work and reasonably priced tutorials that you offer. Keep them comming PLEASE they are to die for...take care Mel

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, stubbled over you blog one day not long ago and now you are near the top of the list in my favourties. My 10 yr old and I love your site, espically the silly bird. Thanks for sharing with us all. Marls (Australia)


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