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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If you could only have 10 punches...

Someone once asked me what punches I couldn't live without and of course, I responded "all of them!".  But seriously, let's say that a paper punch terrorist invaded my craft room and said they were going to take all of my punches except 10, what would I keep? Boy, that is one hard question!  I realize that not everyone out there has as much money to invest in punches, yet they want to make as much fun punch art as possible, so this is my recommendation for getting the most "bang for your buck" when it comes to punches.  I find that I use the following Stampin' Up! punches most often (catalog order numbers provided are for the USA catalog):

Ornament (119847)
Wide Oval (119859)
Large Oval (119855)
Small Oval (119863)
1 3/4" Circle (119850)
1 3/8" Circle (119860)
3/4" Circle (119873)
1/2" Circle (119869)
Modern Label (119849)
Heart to Heart (119881)
Scallop Circle (1198534)

Ok, I just couldn't pare it down to just 10. But 11 is still good!  If you are looking at building an ESSENTIAL punch collection, I would also add Boho Blossoms (119858), Full Heart (119883) and Round Tab (119864).  The new medium oval (120908) punch from the holiday mini is one of my new favorites for punch art.

Does anyone have a good solution for storing and toting the new flat style punches?  I'm rather peeved that Stampin' Up! has announced they are completely abandoning the storage boxes they put in the current catalog.  They have gone as far as printing new catalogs that don't include those items in it.  GRRRRRRR


jguyeby said...

I was also upset when I found out they were not going to provide us with the storage boxes. When I rearranged my room (still doing so) I made no plans on making room for the new punches because I thought that was covered. If you figure out what you can use, please let us all know.
Jennifer Eby

Anonymous said...

I too love my punches and I can not wait for the ornament punch to be available here in Australia....only one more week until I can order it....YES! Love your blog, visit way too often LOL. Marls

Joann said...

Please don't laugh at my suggestion {:0}

I haunt Costco for boxes that just fit - liquor box for 12x12 paper, coffee box for ribbon, Orville Redenbacher popcorn or Peanut butter for Cricut cartridges, etc. I am now in the hunt for a stamp one. But for that I'm looking at Michael's or Joann's (yes, an empty display box.

Now if you want to be fussy you can decorate them, I just use them.

Also, the different size white plastic baskets you find cheap at the grocery or Target type stores fit a lot of things too. Just an idea

Shari Winterstein said...

This is a great question! I have to have a pondering session with myself to see which punches I can live without! I have a strong feeling that 10 won't do it. I am slowly, very slowly getting into making fun and pretty cards with punches more and more thanks to your site! Thanks for blessing my life and inspiring me to get punch-happy! :)

Linda H said...

First of all I don't think a terrorist would have enough nerve to take a SU Demo's punches unless it was a suicide mission!!!!! Secondly I don't think he would get very far because SU Demo's would hunt him down!!!
Enough said, I wouldn't be able to do it with only 10 punches. However if You look at the Hispanic Catalog You will see they have very few punches and I believe the other countries are the same...Don't You just Love the USA!!!!

Judy Jackson said...

I recently put up IKEA Bygel rails on my walls to store my punches. Here is the web site: You can copy and paste it into your browser window. If you leave the new flat punches open they will hang on the rail just fine. The rails are in expensive and will hold quite few punches depending on the size. I have a "punch" tote I found that i sue to carry about 7 punches to a crop quite easily.


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