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Thursday, September 23, 2010

holiday scrapbook layout

Here are a couple more pages.  I wished I had scanned some of these pages and stitched them since I had some bowing of the cardstock when I stood them up to photograph them in my cube.  Lilly was only 2 in these photos.


Anonymous said...

A tip for photographing in a cube....When you have something bigger like this that tends to bow you can either display it on an easel to photograph, or if you don't want anything else to show you can stand a picture frame behind the scrapbook page to keep the center sturdy (an 8x10 would be more than big enough). I have even used that ink catcher thingamajig (the box thing that keeps your smooch spritzes and such from over-spraying) as a way to sturdy my scrapbook pages to photograph (since the 12x12 page is bigger than the box no one sees the ugly thing I have behind the page :)

Janice W. said...

Such a beautiful little girl you have
and your pages are lovely!

supergrandma49 said...

What would we do without punches? They add so much to our pages!


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