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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Issues with viewing my blog?

I've a had a handful of reports from readers that have been having problems accessing my blog. It appears that there may be a problem with Firefox and viewing my blog.  I have not had any problems with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome on my own computer at home and work.  If you are trying to access the site and getting error messages or missing pages, please try out Google Chrome.  It's faster and a much safer option for browsing!  Thanks


Chriserendipity said...

Hi Kim. I'm one of the gals that emailed you....and I just switched to Google Chrome, and I am super-pleased! Thanks so much for the referral!

Unknown said...

I had trouble for 2 days getting through to your blog. It kept kicking me out. Seems to be Ok now.

Pam said...

No problems with Firefox here. Love your blog!

Ms said...

I had problems 2 nights ago but it seems to have righted itself. I use Google Chrome and it still did it. Perhaps was just a passing glitch.... love your blog.....


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